Shakespeares Hunnies

Lauren Brady and Eunice Gatama are two emerging artists ready to embark and document their acting journey through storytelling. They are students currently in a conservatory acting program where they explore, acting, movement, choreography and much more. As emerging artists, ourselves we understand the struggle of entering into the professional field of acting and the lack of communication between “emerging” and the “professional” community. Our channel will be autobiographical, as it follows our experience as emerging artists in a conservatory program, preparing for the big and daunting performance industry. We would love to add to our community of artists by being a source of information, as well as hopefully in the future help support emerging artists of the future by sharing their work. In our engagement with the challenges of COVID-19 and the unpredictability of this time, we hope that our channel encourages artists to find new possibilities to continue creating. We are content creators by heart and entrepreneurs by default, and this is our story.

Our Goal

Shakespeare’s Hunnies is created for artists by artists. Our goal is to explore all topics of performance which include acting, clowns, dance, singing, music and theatre/dance/music history. Our mission is to create a platform and community for emerging artists where they can find information and connect with their peers and experts. We are expanding our knowledge and networking with our widespread community, and hopefully in five years the world.

How can we help?

Our blog can be enjoyed by anyone, but we pride ourselves on focusing on Emerging Artists. To help young creators (like ourselves) in their journey. You are probably wondering “what makes an emerging artist so different from a professional artist”? We know nobody likes to be labelled, but it takes time to network yourself in this ever-growing theatre/arts community. An Emerging Artist is like a new fish in the pond, it is someone in their early stages of their career either fresh into university, or maybe just graduated high school. Someone who is eager to be seen but hasn’t yet established a solid reputation among the theatre/arts community. That’s where we step in. We hope our site can be a great source of information and comfort to you.

Have a story?

We are currently developing different strategies on how we can bring artists from across our community through storytelling. We are focused on sharing what artists have been doing since the COVID outbreak and their personal experience. This is a blog series that we’re starting, so we are looking for people who are willing to share their stories and feel comfortable having them published. Send us your CV and bio today and let’s get chatting Hunny!